Saturday, May 19, 2012

#Reblogging @rainyofthedark

Guest Post: 3 Reasons Your Villain Should be Both Scary and Endearing (via Rainy of the Dark)
Any great storyteller knows that they key to an exciting narrative is the creation of conflict. When you’re writing a suspenseful or scary story, this conflict often comes in the form of a villain, either real or fictionalized, that must be defeated or brought to justice. Pick any crime or suspense…


  1. One of my favorite villains ever was Gaius Baltar from Battlestar Galactica. Somedays, the man's redeeming qualities were so front and center, it was hard to see him as a villain. And then he'd mess that up. I really miss BSG.

  2. Favorite endearing villain is a bit odd... cue Dr. Horrible's Musical Blog. LOL. That's awesome! :)