Saturday, May 19, 2012

Midsummer Night's Blog Hop UPDATE!

Response to invites have been great so far. We have 16 (not including me) authors volunteering their darlings for interviews with other characters with whom they likely have nothing in common. I'm really wondering what's going to happen if my unruly genius Matty has to sit down with Poseidon. Oh, boy. Imagine the delightful sorts of wrong that could go!

Or, Matty could find himself paired with Ivory, a Cruor with a gift for snark. I wonder if he'd believe she was immortal. He'd probably geek out over the biology involved with tissue regeneration, photo sensitivity, and blood...on second thought, I hope he doesn't get paired with Ivory. He might not survive that conversation. *wink*

Here's a list of participants so far. I'll update the Blog Hop page (link at right) as more authors join.

Sandra Bunino
Sara Wiley (Sara's Smile)

Siobhan Muir
Julianna Morris (Queen Bitch)

Jean Murray
Asar, Egyptian God of the Underworld (Key to the Cursed)

Sasha Summers
Poseidon (Loves of Olympus)

Raven Bower
Shayla Dormyr (Weeping Dark: Bleeding Edge)

Avery Olive
Xylia Morana & Landon Phoenix (A Stiff Kiss)

Krystal Wade
Kate Wilde & Arland Maher (Darkness Fall Series)

Rebecca Hamilton
Ivory (The Forever Girl)

Kary Rader
Avant (The Implanting)

Kinley Baker
Caleb (Denied, Book Two in the Shadowed Love Series)

Diane Haynes
Micah Fuller (Rift Healer)

Christine Ashworth
Gregor Caine (Blood Dreams & Demon Hunt)

Louann Carroll
Kellyn (Shadow of Time)

Kelly Seguin
Liz Covias and Nate Catriona (Ashes, Ashes - Secrets of the Heavens Series)

Lindsay Loucks
Leigh Baxton (The Grave Winner)

S.M. Boyce
Kara Magari (The Grimoire Trilogy)

Cindy Young-Turner
Sydney (Thief of Hope)

Claire Gillian
Circe (Tidal Whispers)

Wendy Russo
Matty Ducayn (January Black)


  1. Great lineup! Sara is looking forward to her match!

  2. OOH....this looks like it's gonna be good! *rubs hands and cackles*