Sunday, January 15, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday - Virgo (WIP): Sam and Delilah #2

Because I can't count to six, I was disqualified from Six Sentence Sunday last week. I humbly apologize to my Kindergarten teacher.

The scene I posted last week has a second paragraph, so I'm going to post that today, and next week, I'll start in on the first chapter.

Last week, Sam was watching Delilah as she held her hands above her spinning turntables. You can read those seven here.

Tommy took hold of her arm like it was a pole, not to pull her away, but to remind her there was a world outside of her head.

It was rough, but what pissed Sam off was the screwy wiring in her head that interpreted the gesture as affection.

She sighed, nodded, and whispered, "I know."

She switched off the power, rolled the cables with care, and secured the implements of her private religion into their coffin.

Neither man offered to take the heavy box as they left.

No one touched Delilah’s turntables but her.

Please check out the other authors at Six Sentence Sunday. Some of my favorites are Jayel Kaye, sarah Ballance, Krystal Wade, Monica Enderle Pierce, Siobhan Muir, Sarah W., and Pippa Jay.

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  1. Had to read the previous seven to get into it, but then it made total sense! :-)
    Great six!

  2. Great six—and seven,lol—thanks for sharing!

  3. I like what your doing with this story. Great snippet.

  4. LOL! I am SO glad I wasn't ONLY going off the SSS list last week, I might have missed your snippet--and I loved it! I've been one of the offenders, also, as I've only posted 5 sentences before. Oh, well. ANYWAY, your snippet this week was just as awesome as the last, Wendy. I really like these characters, this story you've created. "See" you next week.

  5. I really want to know more about Deliah, now, and the relationships between her and the others.

    Great Six!

  6. I love that she's burying her religion; so much insight into this character in these six!

  7. I liked this six a lot. You gave us a great peek into her thoughts and feelings.

  8. So intriguing, thanks for sharing! :)

  9. Thanks for commenting everyone!

  10. I'm still intrigued to know what exactly is screwy.

  11. I loved you referring to her work as"her private religion". Great writing.

  12. I really like how you did the characterization in this six.