Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Blog Awards!

I have recently been nominated for two blogging awards, and since they have similar guidelines for passing along, I've decided to combine them into one posts, mostly because I don't know if I can come up with 14 random facts about myself. (Make them up...that's not a problem.)

First, I'm supposed to post the graphics. Done.

Second, I reveal seven random facts....

1. I dislike sitcoms.

2.  I met m/m romance author Marie Sexton in the second grade. We made up a dance for Men at Work's Underground. We reconnected after 26 years and discovered we share a brain. She got the naughty half.

3. I love mathematics. I love the shape of numbers. I love looking at chalkboards covered in equations. And...I need a calculator to figure out a restaurant tip.

4. When I was six, I could read faster than I could talk. My grade school gave me a speech therapist, and when I was seven, I talked faster than I could read. I still do.

5. I don't understand what makes shoes cute. Or bags. But, I can spot mean cars.

6. My gaydar is so dysfunctional, I once asked if Richard Simmons was gay. And I was completely serious. I had no idea.

7. My favorite color is orange, and it kind of freaks me out.

And finally, I get to nominate other blogs for these cool awards! I'm not going to do 25 though.

Versatile Bloggers

Marie Sexton has two blogs, but the one I'm nominating is her author blog. (The other one, which she co-hosts with Heidi Cullinan just really isn't my thing.) She also just wrangled the Cock and Bull blog tour, so I think she's pretty versatile.

Scott Bury is the host of Written Words. He posts lots of great independent writer information and is a very generous tweeter. Follow him!

Kristin Lamb also has great information on writing and publishing. And she tosses in yummy Star Wars bits every now and then.

John Hansen hosts Incessant Droning of a Bored Writer. I like the posts and the design of his site. He's  a teenager and already published. I think he's got a great start on his career.

Mooderino. Prolific blogger. Great information. Cool handle. What's not to like? Check him out.

Irresistibly Sweet

Krystal Wade and Julie Anne Lindsay. It's eenie-meenie-miney-mo on who will give you a toothache first, they are that sweet.

Dani Nosek is a wonderful writer I met on Twitter. She's also very supportive, which is definitely sweet.

Kamya is a friend who has been reading, and critiquing my WIPs for fifteen years. She is a New Orleans native transplanted in Winnipeg, a former Wiccan now practicing Hindu. She's a vegetarian, a cat's human pet, and a fan of perfume. She may secretly be a unicorn, but she'll neither confirm nor deny.

Fruit Snacks and Freezer Jam is a mommy blog kept by my dear friend C. She's battled infertility to have two children, while also coping with migraine headaches, a thyroid disorder, a husband in college, a father dying from cancer.... Her blog is more for herself than anyone else, free therapy if you will, and she tells her story with brutal honesty and a wicked sense of humor.

Everyone have a happy Wednesday!


  1. Awww. Thank you. I hope I don't owe anyone money for dental bills. ;-)

  2. Oh, thank you so much. It means a lot coming from you... cause you know, you can actually write. ;) Praise from the praiseworthy and all that.

  3. Ah, men at work. There's no better dance music, lol ;)

  4. Thanks very much. Already follow some of them, but will check out the others.