Sunday, November 13, 2011

LSU Homecoming Day

We took our son to his first LSU football game yesterday and had a great time. It was a night game and he was completely surprised by the fireworks going off when the team ran onto the field. He wanted more. He wanted the team to go back to the locker room so they could shoot the fireworks again. A real life lesson in coping with disappointment. I am happy to say that he did very well.

The day wasn’t without it’s bumps, though. While tailgating with friends, he got an eyeful of something he shouldn’t have seen for another few years. I’m holding my breath that the incident didn’t make an impression on my son. He hasn’t mentioned it at all since leaving our friend’s tailgate party. But last June, a young man playing basketball at the LSU Rec Center suffered an eye injury. He walked past us on his way to first aid. My son still mentions the “kid with blood on his face” on occasion.

After tailgating, we went to the stadium to watch the Golden Band from Tigerland march down the hill, and then took our seats near the south end zone.

During pre-game, we were treated to the antics of Big Red, the masot of the Western Kentucky Hilltops and five incredibly motivated WKU fans sitting near the field. Big Red had swagger. He was miming smack, engaging the crowed, taking pictures with any LSU affiliated person that would get into the frame with him...from moms and babies to the band. He played off of the five red-shirted guys in the crowd, who may as well have been the LSU cheerleaders for our end of the stadium. They were actively trying to get the LSU fans on their feet whenever a play wasn’t running. They danced to music. They started waves. The WKU fan section...maybe a hundred people...were pretty quiet for most of the game, but those boys came for a football game. They didn’t care who was playing, who was winning, or who was around.... They fit in great in Death Valley.

Our son got crazy during first quarter. He had fun making as much noise at possible during WKU offensive plays. He also fell on the bleachers, got popcorn in some lady’s hair, and dropped his thermos below the bleachers. Our neighbor’s son was kind enough to climb down and get it for him. Second quarter, he got cold so I zipped him up inside of my jacket and he slept until the middle of third quarter.

The highlight of the day...our son got to take a picture with Chad Jones (#35, New York Giants), who was the grand marshal of our Homecoming parade. He decides to be shy when meeting new people, so Chad tickled him so we could get a good picture. It’s super cute.

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