Saturday, November 12, 2011

Saturday Snark

Saturday Snark is the creation of Marie Sexton, a gay erotica author who has shared her gift for subtle sarcasm with her creations. Each Saturday, she invites writers to join her on a snarky blog hop. If you have a snarky character and would like to participate, it's simple:

1. Post a snarky sample on your blog.
2. Provide a link back to Marie's site.
3. Enter your link into the blog hop on Marie's site.
4. Check back often to read new snark posts.

This week’s Saturday Snark episode comes from “Inward,” a contemporary novel about a Mormon woman struggling with her faith. In this scene, Marie’s friend Sam has just returned from his two-year mission in New Zealand. In high school, they used to help each other train for diving meets. Poolside again, they are playing a game of Twister. A member of the high school team is calling out the hardest dives in the coach's book to see who can throw each one better.

Josh called out, “5112.” 
“Forward, 1 twist. Your choice of straight or pike,” Marie translated as Sam adjusted the tension on the board two meters above her head. 
The swim team was now sitting on the opposite side of the pool with their coach standing behind them, an amused grin on his face. Three steps into Sam’s approach, Marie yelled up at him, “Straight’s harder,” he stumbled and grabbed onto the rails to regain his balance, “…in case you were wondering.” He scowled down at her, turned around, and restarted his dive.

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