Monday, January 30, 2012

Guest Post on Lia London's Blog

I'm on Lia London's blog today talking about what walking into the Usual Suspects very late taught me about "slow reveals." It's called "Liars, Tools, and a Nifty Ball of String." Please check it out!


  1. Excellent, as usual. When I think of slow reveal and unreliable narrators, I always think of the short story A Rose For Emily, that I had to read in high school. Ew. I think it has scarred me for life. It has to be tricky to get around a reader's willing suspension of disbelief for an entire novel if you're playing at a narrator like that. One last note... the first picture of Soze, with the long hair and all, wow... he was kind of sexy as a young man. Ha! ;)

    1. A Rose for Emily.... good one. Good example. Ew. In the best possible literary way. :)

  2. Yes, come see it! It is a great article about stringing along the audience for the greatest surprise at the end. Thanks again, Wendy, for writing this.