Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Get a Cloud Account and Use it

Last year, I met a writer from British Columbia on Authonomy and we became pen pals. She reads my work; I read hers. Today, she sent me this dreary message that her computer was making funny noises. She shut it down, cleaned the dust out of the case, and rebooted. Or, at least she tried. The computer wouldn't cooperate.

She has some work saved in Google docs, other ideas that she emailed to me and can retrieve from her sent mail folder. However, many of her recent edits across three books in her series are lost if her computer tech can’t get the data off.

Please, please, pretty please, with chocolate, whipped, and cherries on top…get yourself an account with an online storage service and use it!

I’m fond of Dropbox, but there are a lot of options.  Practical ECommerce recently profiled 15.


  1. Office 2010 will save your files out to the cloud as you write them. You just have to login with your Microsoft Live ID. I have no idea how much space you get but it saves all my work docs. I use that and Google Docs. Adding a mirror or RAID drive is also an option now days with newer PCs. It's a lot easier than you think. Great article, I've been preaching to all my friends with kids and digital cameras. Don't let a hard drive lose your kid's memories!

  2. this does sound like good sense, just need to sit down and do it. Thanks for the reminder.

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