Friday, November 18, 2011

Cool Sites and Feeds

I’ve been on Twitter for a whole month and I’m overwhelmed by the interesting people I’ve found and the blogs that they keep. My RSS reader has a few hundred posts for me to catch up on. I wanted to share some of these with you, but I didn’t know where to start. There are about 170 of them at this point. I’m totally unprepared to do what I wanted to do with this post. I need to do some (a LOT of) organizing. I'm cheating a little. The category is very small...blogs/sites, following ME on Twitter, that are NOT kept by single authors. Four are communities for writers. (The information provided below is from their Twitter profiles.)

The Alan Turing site? He’s in the list just because I like the guy.

Litopia Radio: All the news from Litopia Writers’ Colony plus our very latest radio shows.

Alan Turning Year: News about the fast approaching 2012 centenary celebrations of Alan Turing’s birth.

Story Dam: Everyone has a story... what’s holding yours back? We’re growing a community of writers to help each other get better.

Mad Written Words: Links to free online novels, links to self-published novels, and the best of what’s out there for aspiring authors. And some other random nonsense.

Oasis for YA: Founded by aspiring YA authors, we want to create a relaxing sanctuary amongst the often dry, harsh reality of writing, editing, and querying.

For my next “blogs I’m following” post, I hope to be organized to do something all of the Sci-fi authors’ blogs I’m following. Looking through Twitter list today, I was surprised by how many were there!

Happy Friday!


  1. Thank you so much for including Story Dam on your list! That was awesome of you. No better time than the present to start participating... we're a helpful and friendly place, so there's no need to be nervous. :)

    See you soon?

  2. Isn't it hard to organize all the blogs? See?

    You are far more organized than I am.

    Those are great links to follow. I follow a few of them as well. I will need to check out the others. Thanks for sharing.

    Consider yourself stalked. I'll be back :)