Saturday, October 1, 2011

Saturday Snark

I missed Saturday Snark last weekend and it made me very sad.

Here's Matty and Hadrian:

The king passed him in the hallway while staring at his silver netlink. "I see you found my cars." His heart jumped in his chest and his flesh flushed and chilled at the same time. He spun around. "Yes," the man said as he turned into his kitchen. "I do."

"Do what?" Matty walked cautiously to the kitchen.

"Know everything you've ever looked up on Fenwing." The young man looked into the galley and found the king pulling a soft cheese, strawberries, and banana-nut loaf from the fridge. "Sandwich?"

"Don't eat strawberries."

"You don't…?" he asked with mild surprise. As he started to build his sandwich, he asked, "Without them?"

"Meeting Iris…you've been tracking my queries?"

"Of course." Spreading cheese on a slice of bread, he quipped as if Matty misbehaving was part of some grand plan of his. "How else would I keep you from getting arrested?"

If would like more Snark (and aren't easily offended) here.


  1. I love Hadrian. I still think he should be gay. ;-)

  2. Thanks for participating in the snarky Saturdays Wendy :-) Love it!