Thursday, October 27, 2011

Leveraging My Impatience with DIY

I'm on a bit of a kick at the moment. My husband left town for a week, which left me a single mom of a 3-year-old for nine days. Did you know that 3-yos talk a lot? A LOT? Yeah, well now you know.  Still...I'm not ready to dig into Virgo, so I needed something else to keep me sane.

First, I dragged my darling son to Home Depot, Lowes, Hobby Lobby, and various other stores looking for ideas. The next day, we bought hangers for yard hoses...and new hoses. I broke out the husband's hammer drill and put holes in the brick exterior of the house. THAT was a liberating experience.

Then got out that gallon of paint that's been sitting in our garage for two years and painted the office. I hung more shelves and rearranged the room.  My craving to affect change in my house wasn't satiated, so I got more paint and got rid of that lavender hallway (the worst idea I've ever had).

That all took a week.  Husband is home again, but you know...I still want to change stuff! We're cleaning the garage this weekend, but that's days away. So, I changed the blog instead.

You might notice the Twitter feed on the right. Yep...I will now be tweeting <140 word messages to whoever wants to get them.  If you follow me, I'll try not to be boring.

Havent heard back from the publisher yet.  When I do...the news will be here. Have a happy Thursday.

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