Tuesday, July 19, 2011


That's what I've been doing for the last month. Highlighting. Scribbling. Making changes in Scrivener. My process has involved printing out chapters, identifying parts of sentences, highlighting different type of sentences in different colors, and making tweaks to the prose. JB's word count is down to 95,500 words...thats 1300 words down from last month.

I now have my 1 pg synopsis and I hope to have my query letter finalized by the end of my vacation. My goal is to send the submission...snail mail...to the agent of my dreams in September. I'll keep that name to myself for now.


  1. :) Awesome!!! Amazing to me, all the little changes that make the difference. Can't wait until you're published and I can say, "Who Wendy? Yeah, I know her." :)

  2. 1-page synopses are a TOTAL PAIN to write.

    Good luck re: September!!