Monday, February 7, 2011

Dreams Awake/Illness Update

So...cold turned out to be something else entirely. It's actually one of those 72-hour of a viruses...and the bitch is overstaying her welcome. I spent all day Friday, most of Saturday, and most of Sunday in bed. And you'd think with all that time stuck in one place that I could write...yeah, no. When I wasn't shivering to death, I had no concentration at all. I did manage to complete an edit of Dreams Awake late yesterday, though.

Actually, I'm still in bed today. I'm drinking coffee and water, and trying not to open my mouth unnecessarily. Opening my mouth causes air to come in, dries my throat, and then I start coughing which upsets my diaphragm and causes pain in my chest. But...husband is at work and son is at I don't have to talk out loud.

I've created a new page for Dreams Awake and posted the opening scene, for those of you who might be interested in reading it.

Gossamer is sitting at 4400 words. I like what's down so far, but not sure where I want to go next. I hate that. I may have to skip forward and work my way back.

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