Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Passed the 1st Checkpoint!

I got an email from Ellora's Cave this week. JB has passed their submissions persons. It's been placed in the editorial queue. I should hear whether they're interested in 1-6 months. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping they split the difference.

Dreams Awake is in 2nd Draft stage. Two beta readers have responded well to the story. I'm still finding artifacts of the first draft, though. Now that it's converted to HTML, I'll be working to get rid of those so I can convert to ePub. If you have an Apple mobile device with iBooks, I'll be happy to send it along if you'd like to give me an impression. And if you have a Kindle, my darling husband can hook you up.

Gossamer...I have about 5?...thousand words so far. The narration is a bit different than anything I've ever done before. Rhys was the heir to a technology company before it was ripped apart by domestic terrorism and scandal. He comes out of hiding ten years later a bit cynical as well as self-deprecating. I thought that might be typical of his archetype, the rich kid lands prestigious job, bangs an employee who turns out to be a professional thief (yawn.) But...I think cynical and self-deprecating will be interesting traits for a demigod. Yes, I just said demigod. Gossamer is a romance. Alternate timeline. Cyberpunk. Paranormal. The Germans won WWII. America's a bit isolationist...and by 'bit', I mean energy independent with hermetically-sealed borders. And Paris Hilton has a cameo. I know what you're probably thinking. You're wrong about that. :wink:

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