Monday, January 10, 2011

Back at Work

That's right folks. It's January 10. My first day at work in 3 weeks. Here's my happy face. :)

I submitted the January Black query to Liza Dawson Associates last night, so I'm down for two thus far in the slush pile. Crossing fingers and toes. Not just for myself.

My good friend Marie Sexton submitted a query to the Nelson Agency as well. Her novel, Between Sinners and Saints, will be her sixth published work and she's only been writing for a little more than a year. Needless to say, she sucks and we hate her. :Cheshire cat grin: Seriously, she rocks m/m erotica with some of the best character development in any novel I've ever read, in ANY genre. All four of her Coda series books appeared on a Goodreads "Top of 2010" list, including Promises at #1. Strawberries for Dessert, my personal favorite, is sitting pretty at #4.

I'm thinking of submitting the JB synopsis to two agencies tonight...soon as I clean up a sample chapter so I can send them at the same time.

And completely unrelated, Sam Tsui is awesome. Look him up on YouTube. we go 2011.


  1. Boo for back to work. Yay for Sam Tsui. And Hoorah!!! for sending out more JB to people!

  2. Holy cow, I think you made me blush!!

    Good luck! I know you'll get there!